Dual Enrollment Program

Why Dual Enrollment

There are several benefits to dual-enrollment programs. Earning college credit while still in high school sounds like a dream for many students. In addition, these programs introduce students to the rigors of college coursework early. Recent studies have shown that students who participate in dual-enrollment programs are more likely to go on to get a college degree. But is dual enrollment right for your child?


Dual enrollment gives students an idea of what full-time college coursework will be. In addition, by taking a few classes while still in high school, your child can get used to the academic environment before leaving home’s comfort and support


llegeboard.com, most students change their majors at least once. Taking a college class as a high school senior can help your child find their area of interest before the pressure is on to declare a major


College courses can give your student a closer look at their area of academic interest. For example, if your child loves AP history, a college course next year on the Civil War or the Great Depression will help them explore that period in greater depth and precision


Your child may be able to take classes that aren’t offered at their high school


College-level classes will help them demonstrate the ability to handle more difficult coursework when the universities consider their acceptance packet. This ability is something every college admissions officer wants to see


The most significant benefit of dual enrollment is that your student may start accumulating college credits, helping them graduate on time or early