Music Program

Research has shown that music education as early as preschool is beneficial and results in increased intelligence and better study skills. For example, as reported in the 1996 article “You Can Raise Your Child’s IQ” in Readers Digest, a study by Ramey and Frances Campbell of the University of North Carolina showed that “preschool children taught with games and songs showed an IQ advantage for 10 to 20 points over those without the songs, and at age 15 had higher reading and math scores” (Harvey, 1997). This study makes it evident that when young children learn through music, their IQ has the potential for significant increases, which helps them in their future education.

Elementary Students: All elementary students receive piano lessons.

Middle School and High School Students: Attend beginning and Intermediate band classes.

Chess Club

According to research, learning to play chess is strongly linked to academic success. Understudies who got chess guidance scored fundamentally higher on all proportions of scholarly accomplishment, including math, spatial investigation, and non-verbal thinking skill. The Chess Club at SWA teaches students to plan strategically and anticipate outcomes. Reading lines and angles, weighing options, and making decisions is part of the challenge. So, chess might be the ideal instrument for education. Chess improves self-confidence and higher-level thinking, advanced math, and reading skills.

Basketball Program

The Success Work Academy Basketball program understands that each athlete must have a complete skillset, a strong mind, a formidable body, and the ability to execute at every moment of the game to succeed at any level. Our student-athletes grow in confidence on and off the court as they learn how to change the game on both sides. We operate our basketball program knowing that we are training future leaders. We treat every possession and play as an opportunity to learn.