About Us

What we are

At Success Work College Preparatory Academy, we understand that many factors (e.g., genetic, biological, environmental, interpersonal, and intrapersonal) affect the dynamic process of development and learning.

Our approach to learning represents a transdisciplinary perspective that utilizes cutting-edge research from neuroscientists, educators, and healthcare practitioners to integrate evidence-based knowledge concerning how individuals learn and thrive. The holistic approach we offer is beneficial in addressing and treating day-to-day learning challenges and permitting individuals to thrive as they maximize their learning potential.

Our Philosophy

Success Work Academy believes that children learn best in a warm, friendly, and safe environment that is dedicated to promoting lifelong learning. We believe in low student-to-teacher ratios and individualized instruction geared toward meeting the needs of each child.

We also believe developing positive attitudes and values through character education and modeling while developing academic and social skills is essential.

Our Goals

The primary goal of Success Work Academy is to provide instruction that allows every child to excel. 

We attain our goals through the following:

The use of individualization and differentiated instruction that develops social-emotional and academic skills

Maintaining low student-to-teacher ratios

Developing positive attitudes and values through character education and modeling

Providing opportunities to explore, learn and develop through project-based learning

Developing strong language skills in both English and Spanish

Providing a well-rounded curriculum with a strong STEM focus
(science, technology, engineering, and mathematics)

Providing field trips and experiments that enhance the curriculum and provide real-life experiences

Listening to our staff and parents to find solutions to the needs of our students